Who We Are

Businesses succeed by getting, keeping and growing customers. The problem is that business success is more difficult to achieve than ever. Products and services quickly become commodities; customers are more demanding and connected than ever; and margins have been squeezed to the limit. How can a business differentiate itself and grow? At Peppers & Rogers Group, we believe that the key to growth lies in understanding who your customers are, how they contribute value to your organization and how you create value for them. Once you have that insight, you can design and implement multi-channel strategies that lock in long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships that provide consistent, profitable growth.

For more than two decades, Peppers & Rogers Group has been helping organizations across the globe build long-term, valuable relationships with their customers. In recent years, Peppers & Rogers Group has broadened its strategy capabilities with implementation expertise across operational excellence, technology optimization, organizational readiness and training, and sophisticated analytics.

We deliver our services across our four Practices:

  • Customer Experience Strategy - Customer Acquisition, Growth & Retention; Touchpoint Experience Management; Digital Experience Strategy; Customer Communications Programs; Loyalty initiatives; Etc.
  • Operations & Technology Excellence - Call Center Turnaround & Management; Channel Strategy and Operations; Operational & Process Excellence (Lean Sigma); CRM Implementation Support; Etc.
  • Learning Innovation - Training and Coaching; eLearning; Curriculum Development; Social Business Management; Performance Management; Organizational Alignment; Etc.
  • Customer Insight Analytics - Data Strategy & Governance; Predictive Analytics & Modeling (i.e. Churn Prediction, Next Best Action); Management Reporting and Dashboard Design; etc.

These innovative end-to-end competencies create more successful businesses for our clients through customer-focused consulting services that:

  • Define customer experience strategies to grow enterprise value and drive competitive advantage
  • Uncover opportunities that generate bottom-line impact
  • Optimize processes to improve customer experiences effectively and efficiently
  • Maximize the return on technology investments
  • Empower the organization to deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Employ innovative training and learning techniques to accelerate results
  • Build the business case and quantify the impact of strategic initiatives

Our experts have worked across the globe and across industries. We have designed hundreds of strategies, redefined countless processes, analyzed millions of data records and delivered significant financial impact for clients. Because we have worked with clients at all levels – from enterprise initiatives sponsored by the CEO, to more focused ones led by departmental and functional leaders – we know also know the tradeoffs required to achieve key transformational objectives within varying budget and time constraints.

From vision and strategy in the boardroom to execution and measurement on the front lines, our team brings the knowledge, rigor and creativity required to help clients compete and win.

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