Customer Intelligence Analytics

Every day, customers are sharing more and more information about themselves with companies. The data is coming fast and furiously across channels. It is structured, unstructured, behavioral, demographic, historical and predictive. It provides priceless insight into what customers need and want. Used properly, this insight has the potential to unlock unlimited value. However, many organizations aren't taking full advantage of the insight. Data is spread across silos and stuck in legacy systems. It's difficult to access. It's not accurate or complete. And when it is available, brands don't know how to use the data to drive value. Peppers & Rogers Group's Customer Intelligence Analytics Practice helps business leaders put their data to work, uncovering opportunities to create short-term financial impact and long-term enterprise value.

Capabilities and services:

Peppers & Rogers Group's Customer Intelligence Analytics Practice uses proprietary models and methodologies to help clients harvest the information, analyze its meaning and create strategies to put the results into action.

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Design: We combine historical and predictive models to determine the current and potential lifetime value of customers in order to understand where to allocate resources and forecast what the highest value might be if the customer relationships were to be maximized.
  • Predictive Modeling: Predictive modeling can be applied to a range of business challenges from next best action strategies to churn prevention. We help clients determine the best product, service, feature, price, or contact approach to maximize market share and profits. We use multi-dimensional models to score each customer's propensity to purchase particular products, targeting models to identify the most likely responders to a campaign and attrition prediction models to pinpoint those customers at the highest risk for defection or reduction in spend.
  • Customer Insight and Voice of the Customer (VOC) Analytics: VOC analytics help organizations listen, interpret and act on what their customers are saying. This insight informs what is really important to customers and helps organizations prioritize and act on what will make the greatest impact on the customer experience and their bottom line. Our proprietary methodology brings together structured and unstructured data to drive change at the individual customer, segment and enterprise level.
  • Customer Segmentation: Peppers & Rogers Group's 3-dimensional segmentation approach goes beyond traditional demographic or value definitions to bring together value, needs and behavior. This holistic approach helps our clients identify and quantify opportunities and risks across segments, and prioritize treatment strategies that get results.
  • Multichannel Behavioral Analysis: Multichannel Behavioral Analysis helps identify the channels and interactions that are driving desired customer behaviors and business outcomes. Through this analysis, Peppers & Rogers Group provides a fact base to inform how to best manage resources across each channel, adjust spending, and identify online and offline cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

The Peppers & Rogers Group Promise

Our analytics team marries sophisticated data modeling with strategic consulting to enable the continuous capture and analysis of meaningful data, and the intelligent execution of tactics that positively impact the customer experience. We are platform and tool agnostic, and have experience with a variety of in-house and SaaS-based analytics tools. We embed our analytic solutions into automated, repeatable processes at scale. Our solutions answer questions not only about "what has happened" and "why did it happen" – the domain of traditional reporting and statistical analysis – but also "what is likely to happen" and "what is the best that can happen" – the domain of predictive analytics and optimization.

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