Learning Innovation

We lead with the customer

The brands that lead in customer engagement – Zappos, Disney, Apple, Costco – all have a commitment to culture that goes far below the surface. Each of these organizations has a systematic approach to training, rewarding and continuously reinforcing their focus on the customer that permeates everything they do. Peppers & Rogers Group brings together its customer-centric methodology with innovative learning and organizational techniques to provide clients with the strategy, curriculum, training, coaching, social collaboration, knowledge management and technology needed to build a company that consistently delights the customer – and the employee – while delivering value to the enterprise.

Capabilities and services:

Peppers & Rogers Group's Learning Innovation practice is organized across three capability areas. Each service can stand alone or be integrated into a holistic strategy. We partner with our clients to bring people, process and technology together to turn one-off tactics into an operationalized program embedded in the way the organization runs long-term.

Talent Development & Learning: Peppers & Rogers Group's Learning Innovation practice helps clients optimize their employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle. We support pre-hire candidate identification, including attracting, recruiting and circling back to complete the closed-looped process. Our team deploys customized training and development programs from frontline staff through director-level personnel across disciplines (service, support, sales, etc.). We create client-specific learning content for employees and customers, and then use simulated learning, social learning (the training component) and video learning tools for implementation. Using today's new social tools, we create eLearning, mobile learning, and gamification programs to drive deeper mastery of key skills. Our Digital Education services offer the development of internal-learning (employee-focused) and external-customer (customer-focused) content available across a multitude of platforms (in-person, live video, on-demand, PC, mobile, online communities, etc.). Our Learning consultants also deliver Competency Assessments that benchmark, qualify and measure the growth personnel competencies.

Social Business Management: Peppers & Rogers Group provides the people, processes and technologies needed to make organizational knowledge a competitive advantage through cutting-edge knowledge bases, communities of practice and other strategic deployments. Our experts create strategies and configurations of social and collaborative technologies that drive greater efficiencies from legacy processes. We support and manage engaging, customer-centric online communities that provide self-service and drive customer loyalty and education. We use gamification and game mechanics to extend traditional rewards and recognition initiatives through social collaboration, aligning engaging missions with desired behaviors and activities. And the team deploys socially-based internal and external portals and intranets that drive employee and partner engagement. Our technology expertise extends across best-in-class learning solutions - Jive, Meridian, Bunchball, Box.com, IntelliResponse and more – where we design the structure, navigation and workflow for the communities.

Performance Management: Our Performance Management methodology deploys proven best practices – taking into account culture and regional nuances – to ensure top-down accountability. By aligning performance metrics, scorecards and measurement to the customer experience and organizational strategy, we help clients motivate and reinforce the desired behavior.

The Peppers & Group Promise

Our integrated set of Learning Innovation capabilities provide clients with the strategy and tools they need to build, train, manage and continuously improve a customer-centric culture. From sourcing to hiring to onboarding to on-the-job, our programs accelerate and improve proficiency, reduce employee attrition, increase employee satisfaction, improve customer NPS and reduce costs.

Here's how:

  • Single partner for the entire employee lifecycle ensures consistency and efficiency
  • Customer-centric methodology is built on Peppers & Rogers Group proprietary intellectual property
  • Best-in-class technologies with customized solutions enable us to create client-specific solutions quickly and cost effectively
  • All learning content is built to align to the client's operational drivers and metrics to ensure we train on what matters
  • Our proprietary Simulated Learning improves speed to proficiency by more than 30%
  • Social behavior tools enable our clients to see beneath the surface and capture insight so we can quickly course correct

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