Driving Customer Experience Innovation

Innovation is still at the heart of the automotive industry. But today, manufacturers are looking beyond the creation of faster and more efficient cars and searching for ways to improve the customer experience to ensure that customers remain loyal to their brands. This focus on customer centricity in the automotive industry has never been greater. Forward-thinking automotive organizations–both manufacturers and dealers–are striving to differentiate by improving customer experience and aligning their delivery with customer expectations.

Telematics, the Web-connected vehicle, customized Web sites and other innovations are making it possible – and changing every aspect of the automotive customer journey. The acceleration and availability of customer insight offer unprecedented opportunities to build deeper customer relationships more efficiently. Is your organization ready to capitalize on the customer opportunity? 

Peppers & Rogers Group consultants have a deep understanding of the complex value chain in the automotive industry. We have worked with clients on manufacturing, supplier, and distribution strategies, as well as consumer-facing programs from loyalty and lease renewal programs to chat-based marketing campaigns. We've built our automotive practice to help our clients integrate and act on customer insight that drives engagement throughout the entire life cycle.

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