Producing Financial Results and Healthier Outcomes

Though nothing is as personal as an individual's health, the healthcare industry has traditionally lacked a consumer focus. Insurance companies worked primarily with company benefit administrators or back-office clerical staff regarding plans, policies, payments, and processing. Meanwhile, providers were focused on relationships with payers to optimize reimbursements and forming large provider groups to streamline operations and drive efficiencies. The consumer, or member, was a peripheral figure. Now, paradigm shifting developments in consumerism, technology, and government regulation have completed shifted the healthcare landscape. Consumers are taking a more active role in their healthcare and changing the business imperatives for payers, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

For years, Peppers & Rogers Group has helped leading healthcare companies deal with the new healthcare reality. Our broad range of capabilities in strategy design, customer analytics, operational excellence, and program management helps payers:

  • Optimize HIX environments and deal with an increasing number of newly insured members
  • Manage and leverage a growing quantity of member information
  • Enable increased control / decision-making for members
  • Offer products / services / plans that are more tailored to meet the needs of specific members
  • Streamline processes to recognize enterprise efficiencies

Our customized services for providers:

  •  Increase healthcare value by uncovering the opportunities that exist between clinical operations and the finances of the business
  • Transform clinical operations through front-line driven tools and processes that lead to rapid improvement in quality and reduced costs
  • Sustain quality of care and boost overall effectiveness by executing strategies, deploying systems and implementing social and organizational enhancements
  • Meet customer needs through innovative solutions and emerging technologies

We also help pharmaceutical companies differentiate themselves by improving customer trust through relevant customer interactions. We enable deeper patient relationships with:

  • Patients, who demand transparency and affordable treatments
  • Payers, who have consolidated into entities with greater bargaining power
  • Physicians, who have less time to engage and more concerns about information and public perception

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